Using a yoga hammock can help to take the weight off your feet. With the help of gravity, you can perform poses to assist natural stretching or against gravity to improve muscle strength and tone. Whichever way you are working, your core is engaged and you are strengthening your spin.

The Hammock supports you, allowing beginners to practice safely and to attempt deeper stretches within a posture. Your strength improves as you learn to lift your own body weight.

Weightlessness removes compression from the spine, providing greater comfort and vastly increased freedom of movement. Poses that would otherwise be restricted become more accessible with the support of the Yoga Silk, making this a great class for all levels - Irrespective of experience. Often previously inaccessible postures in other yoga classes can become more accessible as your practice of Aerial Yoga improves. This is really flying!

Aerial Yoga - a Yogi's view

By | July 20th, 2017|Classes, Information|

Just hanging around! I had my first Aerial Yoga class today at The Circle Brighton with Maxine. It was lovely to be weightless in variations of traditional asana, inverted and floating in the air. The soundtrack was fabulous, with artists such as Morcheeba, perfect for the floating, mellow mood, even though it was [...]

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