Les Mills BODYCOMBAT girl

Les Mills BODYCOMBAT was next on Kirsty's list of classes to try. Here she gives you a little glimpse of what this high energy class can offer you. Suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities.

I really enjoyed Dave’s Les Mills BODYCOMBAT class this morning. It really woke me up for the day ahead. The music was great and it was good to do a different type of exercise than I’m used to. The martial art inspired class is definitely a good cardio workout/calorie burner and tones the arms, back, shoulders, legs and core. The air kicks and punches bring flexibility into the hips, legs, torso and shoulders. It reminded me of a kickboxing course I once did but is non-contact which was nice. I can imagine it relieving stress too. Dave explained all the moves really well and gave easier alternatives so there was no pressure. He also has a lot of energy which is inspiring. The studio is big, bright and airy, the music and different coloured lights bought a nice atmosphere.

One members said ‘’If you want to lose weight… you come here’’

I really enjoyed it and will definitely go again next week.

We are lucky enough to have 2 fantastic Les Mills BODYCOMBAT instructors - Joanna and Dave.

Photo of Dave - Combat Instructor


Photo of Joanna - Combat Instructor



Check the timetable here for details of our next Combat class - we look forward to seeing you.